Jacksonville, FL SEO & Lead Acquisition

About K49A Media LLC

K49A Media LLC is a Florida Limited Liability company based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company designs, develops, and operates lead acquisition websites in multiple verticals, including legal United States sports betting and collectibles.

K49A Media also provides customized SEO services to the greater Jacksonville, FL area.

State LLC Registrations

State of Florida Document #L21000100682

State of New Jersey Business #0450674467

State of Pennsylvania Entity #7339865

State of Colorado Document #20211826251

State of Louisiana Charter #44850734Q

State of Maryland Department ID #Z22771109

State of Virginia #11389195

State Licenses

Electronic copies of state license documents available upon request.

State of Michigan – Sports Betting Supplier License #007881

State of Indiana – Sports Wagering Registrant SWR-000519

State of Pennsylvania – Certified Gaming Service Provider #139663

State of Arizona – Event Wagering Ancillary Supplier #EW2359

State of Virginia – Vendor Registration #V-1606-101758

Other Licenses

U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico – Vendor Registration #VR-2023-17

Authorized to advertise by contract(s) with licensed provider(s):

  1. State of Connecticut
  2. State of Illinois
  3. State of Iowa
  4. State of Kansas
  5. State of Louisiana
  6. State of Mississippi
  7. State of New York
  8. State of Ohio
  9. State of Tennessee
  10. State of Wyoming
  11. Washington, D.C.