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K49A Media proudly provides SEO services to the greater Jacksonville, FL metropolitan area. Allow us to help your site achieve optimal organic search engine rankings.

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All packages can be customized to fit your individual needs. Submit the quote form below to learn more.


SEO Consultation – $85/hour

Best For: General SEO questions and expert advice.

Ask away, we’ll reply with detailed responses to your questions.

Time Estimate

Varies with consultation request. Typically 3 days or less. Will advise from outset if more time is needed.

Self-Service – $1,250

Best For: Individuals comfortable with performing technical updates, content edits and link building campaigns themselves.

We’ll perform a quick review of your site, your competitors, and SEO performance metrics including a look at your existing inbound link profile.

We’ll create a 3-point Master Plan separated into detailed subsections describing how to complete each task.

Spreadsheet attachments will serve as both a reference and checklist as you progress.


30 days unlimited quick Q&A. Lengthier replies and support after 30 days billed at 15 minute increments.

Time Estimate

Varies with individual experience and availability. Most will need 2-6 months to complete the plan.

The Jacksonville Special – $3,000-$5,000+

Best For: Busy business owners and people who “just want it done“.

Stage 1: Quick Assessment

We’ll get to know you and your business. We’ll do a quick review of your site and your competitors.

You’ll get an overview of how we can help. Included will be an execution plan and estimated delivery dates.

No obligations until you agree to move forward.

Fee: $300

Stage 2: Plan and Execute

We’ll use your quote as a framework to create a master plan.

We’ll help you make technical changes, develop a content marketing strategy, and outline a link building campaign.

That means we cooperate with your technical staff one-on-one, or do it ourselves using access credentials you supply to us.

Though we are not a design agency, we can help fix any minor design issues affecting your site’s performance. We can help find people to upgrade your site’s looks.

We Love WordPress

K49A Media loves WordPress and can help migrate small sites up to 20 pages to a new, user-friendly site.

Content and Link Building

Content and link building will take time. We’ll explain how to write SEO optimized content while crafting a simple link building plan that will boost your website to higher rankings.

No Link Gimmicks, PBNs, or Spam

No, we do not use cheap PBNs (Personal Blog Networks), junky directories, or other Spammy techniques. Each link building opportunity will be assessed and vetted with your individual risk tolerance in mind.

Stage 3: Support

Ongoing, priority support until we’ve started the link building campaign, at which point we move into a 60 day consultancy period at no extra charge.

Any support beyond the conclusion of the 60 day period billed at 15 minute increments.


In most cases, we can work directly with your technical department to make changes.

If you need us to do it, we’ll need access to your WordPress Site or other CMS, FTP permissions, Google Analytics and Google Search Console account. In less common cases, access to your Linux server to customize configurations, fix errors, and make database changes.

Time Estimate

Highly variable depending on your individual needs and how fast changes can be made to your site. We’re not responsible for long waits due to technical team workload or delays.

We strive to answer questions in 3 business days or less year round.

Most campaigns reach the 60 day consultancy period within 3-8 months.

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